SUN CARE SYSTEM Emulsione Doposole Viso & Corpo - 150ML

Face & body after-sun treatment formulated with ingredients from organic farming, for immediate relief; rebalances, restructures and revitalizes the skin after sun exposure. The fresh and light texture is immediately absorbed, giving a silky and velvety touch to the epidermis; the skin regains comfort and well-being. Glycyrrhetic acid, Mallow extract and Cornflower water ensure a restorative and soothing action. Shea Butter prevents cell damage, maintains the optimal level of hydration, fighting dryness, exfoliation and roughness. Vitamin E and Laminaria Ochroleuca neutralize free radicals, protecting the skin from the signs of aging. Constant use improves and prolongs the tan and prepares the skin for subsequent exposures.
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