Loyalty Program

Luisa Profumeria Shop rewards your loyalty, to thank you for your trust in us we have created our loyalty points program.

THE LOYALTY PROGRAM of Luisa Profumeria Shop consists of the accumulation of points that can be transformed into a credit in euros, and be used on your future shopping.

2 euro spent equals 1 accumulated loyalty point. When you complete an order on www.luisaprofumeriashop.com you will find the points balance accumulated in your account.

The minimum points accumulated to be able to use the loyalty program discount are 300 which is equivalent to € 15 discount. After 300 points, each point has a value of 5 cents and can be accumulated or downloaded during the purchase phase.


Log into your account, compose your cart, before completing your order write in the corresponding box the number of points you want to redeem and convert into euros, press the apply button. At this point you will see that your points have transformed into a discount in euros, which is automatically deducted from your cart. Being a credit in euros, this discount is also applied to products that do not normally benefit from discounts: products on offer, brands that do not allow discounts, etc.

In your account you will always find your points balance, moreover the site makes a forecast of the points that you will accumulate with the order in progress.

Each purchased product provides points. In addition to the price and description, the product sheet shows how many points will be credited to you with the purchase of the product.

Happy shopping!

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