Discover Sì Eau de Parfum Intense, the new refillable fragrance by Giorgio Armani. YES Eau de Parfum Intense opens with the iconic, fruity and juicy signature of blackcurrant nectar of natural origin. In the heart notes, Damask rose absolute reveals the richest and most seductive facets of the rose, giving the fragrance beauty and sensuality. The rose is made modern by the essential oil of Davana, an aromatic herb with a multi-faceted smell: woody, fruity and balsamic. A duo of creamy and velvety notes, bourbon vanilla and patchouli oil, forms the basis of the fragrance. YES Eau de Parfum Intense plays on two different facets of bourbon vanilla: the vanilla infusion which reveals powdery and enveloping tones and the vanilla extract which gives the fragrance warm and balsamic tones. The two notes of vanilla blend with the essential oil of patchouli and the smoky notes of black tea, creating a woody scent with a unique freshness. The new olfactory composition of SÌ Eau de Parfum Intense introduces a warmer facet to the Sì collection enclosed in a new refillable bottle. The new design is embellished with the golden Sì logo which creates a sensual and decisive effect. A strong statement that invites every woman to say Yes
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