ilsole Spray Trasparente Protettivo SPF 30 - 200ML

Ultra-light lotion, highly atomized and extraordinarily transparent, for a quick and practical application. Perfectly invisible, it absorbs quickly without leaving any residue. Its non-greasy formulation creates a protective film and avoids the annoyance of sand sticking to the skin. Thanks to the innovative filtering system with a broad spectrum UVA - UVB, optimally balanced, it allows adequate and constant protection, favoring a progressive tan. The protective action is completed by Rice Bran Oil and Vitamin E, which helps actively defend the skin from oxidative stress and free radicals generated by IR rays. Ideal for those who practice outdoor sports, it is particularly suitable for the body but due to its particularly light and dry texture that does not need to be massaged, it can also be sprayed on the hair. Natural spray. Indicated for the protection of fair skin and in the first days of exposure to the sun for all skins.
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