A Payot Hydra 24+ box that is a true beauty ritual to moisturize, plump and preserve the youth of your skin. Contains: 1 Hydra 24+ Creme Glacée 50 ml With Hydro Defences Complex, it is a daily moisturizing and plumping treatment, for day and night, ideal for normal and dry skin. This rich and satin velvety cream melts on the skin for intense hydration that lasts 24 hours and for immediate and long-lasting comfort. 1 Hydra 24+ Essence 125 ml A real hydration and freshness bath to start the day well! This wonderful Infusion is the first step in the beauty routine: a primer that quenches, hydrates, smoothes and plumps the skin. 1 Hydra 24+ Regard Glacon Roll on 15 ml Moisturizing and anti-fatigue roll-on, ideal for the delicate area around the eyes and lips. The freshness of the texture associated with the applicator with metal spheres immediately refreshes, eliminates signs of fatigue and smoothes the eye contour. Revitalizing effect with Hydro Defences Complex Hydra 24+ is a skincare line that moisturizes while preserving the skin's youth and protecting it from the harmful effects of pollution. A unique and unprecedented texture and fragrance to provide sensuality and serenity. Light, enveloping formulations with surprising freshness and high concentration of water to ensure hydration to live and feel.
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