the heat of the ice. A new Eau de Parfum that is both fresh and intense. Created by Christine Nagel, Parfumeur of Hermès, Terre d’Hermès Eau Givrée combines the vigor of cedar and the incisive freshness of juniper with the power of Timut pepper. The powerful sensation of an icy breath joins the generosity of the mineral and woody notes typical of Terre d’Hermès. Rechargeable and sustainable, the bottle combines glass with aluminum, two entirely recyclable materials. As if carved in ice, the object has a slender and luminous appearance. The frosted glass and brushed aluminum evoke the idea of frost covering the earth. The H-shaped base is a subtle reference to the genealogy of an object that has now become a cult. Terre d’Hermès Eau Givrée explores a new territory, where freshness and power meet.
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