Advanced GÉNIFIQUE Yeux

• Advanced Génifique Eye Cream 15ml (sales format) • Advanced Génifique Serum 10ml • Hypnôse mascara 2ml • Bi-Facil 30ml A stronger eye contour and a radiant look. From Lancôme's expertise in microbiome science, Advanced Génifique Yeux eye contour cream is born. It is proven to strengthen the barrier function of the eye contour. Millions of pre- & probiotic fractions concentrated in a patented formula to deliver essential nutrients to the skin around the eyes and give a radiant look. A true infusion of radiance and youth. Day and night, this powerful eye cream intensely hydrates and gives visible results for a radiant, younger-looking look. Its silky gel texture immediately melts into the skin and is enriched with a unique complex of pre- and probiotic fractions. The skin around the eyes recovers 70% faster from external aggressions, is stronger and more protected. Cream also suitable for sensitive eyes, tested for tolerability under dermatological and ophthalmological control.
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